Hongkong Sales Education Fund (HKSEF)

Moral Education

Sponsorship of Course Material Development

In April 2006, a joint programme was set up with the School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University, to sponsor course material development for distant- learning for impoverished and remote areas in China.

Sponsorship for Set Up of Tsinghua Distant-Learning Facility

Since November 2007, another sponsorship was made to support the implementation of the Tsinghua Distant -Learning Facility which provides distant learning to students in remote areas where access to schools is almost impossible. The local government has been most supportive of this project and has committed to a matching fund of 1:2, that is, for every dollar HKSEF donated, the government will contribute two dollars. To date, HKSEF has funded the set up of over 2,700 receiving points for the Distant-Learning Facility. The project played an important role in enhancing the level of education in impoverished and remote areas, and it has been well-received by teachers and students there.

  • Sponsorship of distant-training for teachers/principals in rural region (Chinese version only)
  • Sponsorship of distant-learning hubs (Chinese version only)